Now accepting exhibition submissions for 2018

Information for Exhibitors

Exhibition hire cost is a total of $2,200 for a two week exhibition. A non-refundable deposit of $880.00 is to be paid at booking. The Artist is to pay the balance of this cost $1320.00 at the Payment Due Date.

Hire of space includes the following:

  • Full Installation and take down of the exhibition, including room sheets or labels
  • Professional gallery fit-out including plinths and display cases
  • Staffing of the exhibition during opening hours:
    -Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 6pm;
    -Sunday 10am – 5pm;
    -Monday – closed
  • Two staff members to facilitate opening night
  • Design of Invitations and Gallery mail out (by email)

All details of the exhibition display and promotional material will be completed with the artist’s approval.

30% commission (plus GST) is taken on all sales.

Proposals should include:

  •     Description of work to be exhibited including medium, and brief overview of concepts
  •     At least 5 images of related work.
  •     Artists CV (past exhibitions, art education and professional experience)
  •     Preferred dates for exhibition
  •     Any other relevant information.

Gallery Dimensions:

The gallery space is located at street level on buzzing Darling St with large window frontage (3.8m wide and 1.9m high).

The remaining three walls are 3m high and: 4m, 4.2m and 6m long.

The Breathing Colours Gallery can be used for exhibitions, workshops, meetings and events.


For more information contact Robin on 9555 8543 or at

Breathing Colours Plinths and Display Tops:

There are the following plinths;

  •     One plinth that is 80cm high and 25.5cms square
  •     Five plinths that are 90cms high and 25.5cms square
  •     Four plinths that are 100cms high and 25.5 cms square
  •     One plinth that is 100 cms high and 45 cms square

There are the following open tops for the plinths with Perspex lids;

  •     One open box top that is 10cms high, 80cms long and 29cms deep
  •     One open box that is 10cms high, 100 cms long and 29cms deep
  •     Two open boxes that are 10cms high, 54 cms long and 29cms deep
  •     One open box that is 10cms high, 47.5 cms long and 29cms deep

These lids can only be removed with a suction device and are thus secure.

There are the following flat tops for the plinths;

  •     One top that is 65 cms long and 33.5 cms wide
  •     Five tops that are 45.5 cms long and 45.5 cms wide
  •     Four tops that are 32.5 cms long and 32.5 cms wide
  •     One top that is 56.5 cms long and 40cms wide
  •     Two tops that are 71.5 cms long and 32cms wide

There are the four glass cubes available,

  •     Each cube is 40cm cubed, they come stacked as two cubes on top of each other(measuring 40cm x40cm x80cm). The unit can be placed on a plinth and is lockable.

There are the four glass cubes shelving units available,

  •     Each cube is 40cm cubed and they come stacked as four shelves on top of each other. They are free standing units measuring 40cmx40cmx160cm. These units are lockable.


For more information contact Robin on 9555 8543 or at