Tuesday 11th April to Sunday 23rd April

Christine Young

Opening Night:  Tuesday 11th April 4-7pm

Venue: Breathing Colours

Please join us to celebrate with some light refreshments.

This exhibition is a celebration of the inspiration of Indian elephants and the colours of Indian culture.  Christine’s interest in Indian spirituality and long sojourns to Indian ashrams in 1989 and 1992 had a profound impact on Christine’s development as an artist.  Her metaphorical and eclectic approach to art represents aspects of the human condition and aspirations of hope.


The title of this exhibition is taken from the mosaic elephant called Ephemera that has taken a permanent residency next door to Breathing Colours Gallery. Look out for Ephemera the mosaic elephant, she will be facing in the direction of Breathing Colours Gallery  when you come to see a heady mix of Christine’s exotic eclectica. On display will be a stunning diptych of Mughal War Elephants, with the female made entirely of 24k white gold Smalti. The female of this pair is wearing a victory rug fused in blue and aqua coloured glass.  Also in attendance is an elegant elephant in evening dress on her way to a  palace party who needs to be seen for you to decide if she is all show or an emissary of design.  The mosaic Working Elephant is a homage to the elephant in the role of beast of burden in acknowledgement of the cruelties the logging, circus, ivory and tourist trades have inflicted.

Christine’s years of research towards the award of Doctor of Philosophy as beast of burden will be seen in the mosaic Working Elephant.  An elephant of conquest with his 24k gold howdah will be on parade. There is a baby elephant wearing orange and white pyjamas looking to grace the walls of a child psychiatrist or children’s hospital. Her pyjamas have been made from a broken ceramic which was contributed by the people of Breathing Colours, amongst other treasures in support of Christine’s art practice. In addition to mosaic, example’s of Christine’s rich experience of experimentation with mixed media will be available, including affordable pieces of works on paper and decorative mirrors to enrich your environment.