Christine Smalley

As a jewellery designer, Christine Smalley’s collections are inspired from 1920s deco style, 1960s jet set glamour, 1970s boho chic and tribal cultures, to make elegant but bold statement jewellery which is notably unique.

“The 70’s was the beginning of my creative exploration. I remember making “stuff”, but it is jewellery “small sculptures” which have captured my hands and my heart.”

Since that time, Christine has inherited, collected and fossicked for beautiful beads and elements for my jewellery designs. Since 2002, she has combined her love of travels and cultures to source exotic, unique and exclusive beads, stones and charms. Sourcing from far flung places as Morocco, the former jewellery hub of Bohemia in eastern Europe and Italy where she studied glass design, allows a constant flow of inspiration and stories plus an eclectic and evolving style.

Her design philosophy is to create beautiful, affordable and meticulously created jewellery high on quality and low on it’s footprint impact to ultimately express your individuality, not trend driven, which you will love wearing for years to come.

Her designs for Breathing Colours uses the galleries own gemstones, beads and charms to make all one of a kind jewellery pieces.