Jan Rietdyk

FabuGlass, the trading name of Janis Rietdyk, represents her love of the sensuous tactile medium of glass; a medium that has inspired her creativity for some 35 years. This beautiful medium led Jan to studies in wirework and silver smithing as complementary media for the creation of wearable art.

During the past ten years Jan has had the good fortune to learn from Australian and internationally renowned goldsmiths, metal fabricators and jewellery artists enhancing her ability to expand her repertoire of form and function. Whilst primarily using sheet metals, these pursuits led Jan also to the use of precious metal clay and porcelain, versatile materials that inspire creativity. Jan is enamoured by the geometric style and grace of the Art Deco period which is influenced by ancient Egyptian designs and combines beautifully with the exotic and masterful craftsmanship of the delicate yet invincible Japanese and Korean art.  The application of 24k gold to pure silver, Keum Boo, is one such skill that she incorporates into her silver smithing work.  These creative pursuits represent Jan’s ‘active meditation’ that enables tangible expression of beauty and sensitivity that can be appreciated by others through wearable art.