Anni Washington

Anni began painting while living in Brisbane and was fascinated by the excitement and spontaneity of the watercolour medium. When she left Brisbane to live east of Tenterfield, she painted the New England landscapes that she loved and found watercolour the perfect medium to portray the light and atmosphere of the Northern Tablelands.

A feature of her landscapes are wonderful skies- the clouds building into thunderheads from the east, incredible afternoon light as the dying sun paints the landscape with a rosy glow. Anni also has a love of the old and weathered textures of the farmers history with the land- old sheds and dairies, collections of this and that on the back verandahs.

For many years Anni’s paintings have proven very popular with Australian collectors and overseas visitors. her devotion to the watercolour medium has not waned bus he also loves using pastels and oils.

She is a member of the Artists’ Collective Studio Gallery in Tenterfield NSW and her paintings can be seen at the Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane and Northern NSW art galleries.