Faye Alexander Jenkins

Faye studied painting and drawing in south Australian School of Art and later completed a photography ad graphic design course. Further studies included wax and clay sculpture in Adelaide and Melbourne. Mentors have been Eric Mack, Robert Hannaford and Peter Wegner.

While in China, Fay sketched and painted the spectacular limestone karsts along the river Li from Guilin to Yangshuo. The artist then began to explore rocks and geological features as motifs as well parts of the Central Australian landscape and the basalt magma formations of Tasmania when sailing along it’s magnificent coastlines.

The artist continues this series of images using colour and texture to emphasise the intrinsic beauty of geological formations often using these to explore visual philosophy as metaphors of life. Paintings of this artist are in private collections in Australia, as well as UK, USA, Italy, and Japan. Now located in Balmain, Sydney.