Fern Smith

Fern Smith an experienced, skilled and unique visual Melbourne artist has exhibited since 1985 in Victoria, ACT, NSW, WA and NT, is well published since 1989 and artworks are held in private collections in Australia, England America.

Fern works mainly works in four mediums. Limited edition digital art prints. These works are created with the use of a drawing tablet, Photoshop program and are printed on archival museum quality cotton rag. Opaque water colour on cotton. This is a northern Indian technique adopted from Persia from about the fourteenth century AD and Fern has reconfigured it with a contemporary twist. Oil painting often from hand ground pigments and self-made paint and lastly drawing Ferns first creative love.

She is a stylized figurative artist and her work is often patterned, layered, and is influenced by current issues, mythology and herstory. Fern develops a body of works from exploring, reflecting and synthesizing media, literature and academic papers on a topic she is currently focused on. The creative process for Fern is inspired by her responses to social change.