Maryanne Jones

Maryanne Jones originally hails from the rural district of the south east of South Australia.
Her parents and their families were all from farming backgrounds which helped develop Maryanne’s love of the Australian country side.
Growing up amongst the majestic South Australian red gums and the magnificent rural pastures left an indelible imprint in Maryanne’s love of art.
Maryanne exhibited early skill in sketching and painting and studied art at school and in her final year at Wilderness School for Girls received a prize for her abstract work.
Over the next few years Maryanne continued studies but not in art as she decided to venture into the world of cooking where she was again able to put her natural artistic flair to good use. Maryanne put away her brushes and embarked on a long and successful professional career. Whilst not painting she greatly appreciated the works of early Australian Impressionists.
Having retired in 2013 Maryanne was encouraged to again take out her paints and brushes and to actively pursue what has now become her passion.
After a short stint using acrylics Maryanne changed to oils, successfully completing several workshops across a variety of subjects and whilst she has exhibited skill across these areas rural Australia remains her passion.
In 2016 Maryanne entered the Inaugural Waverly Woollahra Art School 9” x 5” Impressionist Competition and received a Highly Commended for her pallet knife work “On the River” a scene on the Murray.
This award coupled with the encouragement of her tutor and art compatriots has fuelled Maryanne’s desire “to paint” and she sincerely hopes that you enjoy this exhibition showing a range of her recent works.

These exhibitor paintings are available for purchase but not collected until after the exhibition.