Sarah Norton is a multi disciplinary artist; a painter, a sculptor and an accomplished portrait photographer. She is also a facilitator, a coach, an innovator and strategic thinker.

Sarah has always been intrigued by people, objects, plants and the relationships between them.

What happens when there is a meeting or a union or a passing?

This fascination has lead to cultural adventures throughout Asia, India and Africa, calling Sarah to settle in Tanzania for some years. You’ll now find Sarah in Sydney, by the sea.

Recently she has been exploring weaving natural materials in her sculptures.

As part of this exhibition Sarah is running a series of classes. Please call for details.

She is available for commissions.

‘Coming into the Light’ is the fruition of a two and a half year journey exploring the public and the private. It’s been a mysterious dance between what is shown and what is not. The journey has been richest when I’ve been suspended in play and the work has evolved before me.

I’ve managed to still my mind just enough to allow flow and curiosity to direct.

I can’t dictate the pace. My job is to simply turn up.  Once I shrug off the need for outcome or hurry, I can relax into seeing and feeling. It’s as though I can see more clearly in this space… there’s a clarity that isn’t possible when I’m anxious or attached.

These are the the spaces within the universe where something else dips in and colours all.