Steffie says “I have visited Broken Hill many times and am always inspired by the landscape. This dust haze is the aftermath of a dust storm”

This painting is oil on linen and is framed. It is $4000 including GST.

Potential purchasers should contact Breathing Colours to discuss delivery options.

Artist Statement. Steffie is a Melbourne based artist who’s main artistic influences are from Turner and the
Australian Impressionists. Her paintings feature dramatic skies highlighting  fleeting climatic changes and contrasting light. “I employ a limited colour palette to achieve my atmospheric artistic effects and choose to portray the landscape in transitory weather situations dominated by dramatic skies with contrasting light providing the main focus. My work reflects the unpredictability of nature with the emphasis on transitory experience, paralleling our own fleeting existence and the relativity of our significance within the natural environment.

Steffie regularly exhibits both locally and overseas, and has won awards in London, Florence and Melbourne.