Unique & extraordinary lab grown emerald and Stirling silver ring. The emerald crystal cluster was created by Chatham Inc who invented lab-grown emeralds 75 years ago. Chatham says it takes a year from start to finish to create an emerald. “The crystals grow for about 9 months”.  Chatham “starts with a naturally mined seed of fine Colombian emerald with perfect colour”. Chatham creates “a controlled environment rich in chromium to give our crystals a rich green hue” Chatham says that the crystals grow larger and cleaner than the emeralds grown in nature. “When we cut the crystals, we cut away 80% of the rough to give you faceted emeralds that are essentially flawless in clarity and highly saturated in color.”

The emerald crystal cluster for this ring was purchased from an Australian mineral and gem supplier and transformed into this sensational ring by Sydney designer, Chris Plancke. It’s a ‘one of a kind’ piece and depending on your personal style you can wear it anytime & anywhere.

The ring is approximately a size 10 and measures 32 mm wide across the top. The ring is quite high/tall and the crystals are at differing heights.

The silver setting is 8 mm at the deepest point and reduces to 4 mm.  The ring is approximately 47mm high. The setting holds the emerald firmly.