Dallas James Power is committed  to creating ‘Beautiful Jewellery Symbolic to the Individual’

Dallas J Power is an artisan, master jeweller and designer who specializes in ‘stylising exquisite, exclusive, limited-edition pieces of the finest quality bespoke jewellery.’ He invests the time required to achieve excellence in the  design of each piece.

I purchased this unique piece ten years ago after finding a range of Dallas’s work at Paddington Market in Sydney. The combination of the pearl set in 18 ct gold with a clear resin band meant that it was affordable as well as simple and elegant.

It’s a size 7. The size can’t be modified because of the resin band but it can, of course, be worn on whichever finger it looks fabulous on. It’s never been worn!! The resin band is 12 mm wide near the pearl and refines down to 4 mm wide.