Tuesday 16th May to Sunday 28th June

Jennifer Pombart & Lynette Pelchen

Opening: Saturday 20th May, 4-7pm

Venue: Breathing Colours

Please join us to celebrate with some light refreshments.

AND two ways of creating.  Jennifer Pombart paints abstract images in oil on canvas while Lyn Pelchen stitches fabric, beads, silk threads and more to create layered fabric hangings. In their individual interpretations of landscapes, colour, design, shape and texture combine to express their love of the sea, city and countryside of NSW.


The beaches, bays and inlets of the mid north coast informs many of the works in this show. I have continued to explore the possibilities of the picture plane both in the interaction of colour and form and the interplays between depth and flatness. There is a limitlessness to this non-objective painting that both fascinates and inspires me to create. I like to use vibrant colour as I believe it can give life and energy to the canvas.

I have had a number of solo exhibitions over the years and have participated in many joint shows. My early training was at East Sydney Technical College.

“What abstract painting can do better than anything else is evoke that sense of recognition that’s indefinite yet ecstatic at the same time. It’s getting to the emotional underpinnings that we all share, that is the substitute for the common religious or social belief. I believe that abstraction can do that.” Frank Stella


My work is inspired from the forms, textures, lines and colours found in the landscape. It is a view of the landscape constructed with fabric and textiles. All my life I have been a sewer making clothes for dolls, children and adults and embellishing them with ribbon, beads and embroidery.

From the scraps of fabric left over from dressmaking I began to make collaged journal covers and embellished them with beads and threads. This work led onto larger and more complicated hangings. The fabric is the foundation of the hanging. I use all types of fabric, commercial or hand dyed. Laying down the fabric from dark to light, I cut, tear or fray the fabric into soft waves, hills or paddocks. The works in this exhibition are constructed from layers of fabric that are stitched together with batting or felt between the layers.

I use natural materials and human-made products to embellish the hanging. Sticks become fences, knitting yarn shaped into waves or sky, unspun wool becomes moss or clouds, beads become the shimmer on water or seeds from a tree. There is not much that passes through my hands that can’t contribute to the creation of one of my landscapes.