“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” – Oscar Wilde

The wearable art movement made a statement in both the fashion and art industries in the mid-1900s and despite being hard to define; wearable art is still very popular today. The term can be applied to anything that can be worn including jewellery, clothing, bags, and hats. It is a very creative field which expresses the wearer’s personality and values around colour, design, spontaneity, politics, culture and sense of joy.

Wearable Art might reflect Fair Trade values, cultural heritage, a commitment to sustainability, functionality, personal narratives, a wish to build community and change lives or it may simply be a piece of artful whimsy aimed at bringing some light hearted fun to the day.

As a result most of the pieces, whether they are jewellery, fabric, felt or leather work will usually be unique pieces worn by the wearer as a focal point rather than as an accessory. More products can be found on our jewellery page.

Wearable art can be wild and experimental or simple. It often represents the artists wish to push past their own technical and aesthetic boundaries in the materials and techniques they use to create something different that is still beautiful and wearable.

The niche doesn’t rely of the traditional metals of gold and silver so can often achieve beauty and originality at lower prices. Artists might rely of one material or several in a piece.